2019 Financial Summary (and how we spent it)

The Mises-Mambí Institute of Cuba is a think tank dedicated to creating educational content for English and Spanish speaking audiences, as well as an incubator for libertarian education, activism, and emergency relief in Cuba and Venezuela.

In the year 2019 we received $3,651.91 in outside contributions while the Executive Director contributed $4,208.98, for a total of $7,860.89 in revenues.

We spent $2,330 on emergency relief, mostly for Venezuelan emergencies, where dissidents still suffer from famine and a military occupation imposed by the Cuban government and its puppet regime under Maduro.

An additional $4,002.21 was disbursed in activism and education grants to pay for hosting for the Mises Institute of Venezuela and Libertarian Movement of Venezuela’s websites, the King’s Day charity event for children in Cuba, penal forums in Venezuela, libertarian study sessions in Havana, and peaceful demonstrations in both countries.

We spent $1,528.68 on operating expenses, for everything from our IRS registration fees to web hosting fees to PayPal and Western Union fees incurred in sending grants.

Overall, expenses and liabilities totaled $7,860.89, matching the amount of total revenues for the year.

During the year we published 51 original articles covering economic, governmental, and current events topics; we published 8 article translations, including 2 Murray Rothbard essays and an op-ed by North Korea-born freedom activist Yeonmi Park (English to Spanish), and articles by activists Maria Oropeza and Maria Fiallo (Spanish to English), totaling 59 new articles for our international audiences.

Our most important publication in 2019 was the Venezuela Crisis Open Source Intel Report (released on May 1, the day after the April 30th uprising), which was sent to over 100 journalists and resulted in a pro-Hugo Chavez web magazine interviewing our Executive Director.

We published 16 original videos on our website and social media pages that show life behind the Iron Curtain of Cuba and Venezuela; we translated 3 existing video clips from Spanish to English, and 1 video clip from English to Spanish via subtitles, for a total of 20 new videos for the year.

We humbly thank everyone who has given from the heart and supported us in creating a freer world. Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Our most important original video in 2019, about Maduro’s war on indigenous Venezuelans

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