3 years since the Castro regime arrested 2 libertarians

3 years ago, in February of 2017, two libertarians in Cuba were attending a meeting of the Mises Cuba book club when they were stopped by two suspicious men in civilian clothes who demanded to see their ID. The two men refused.

Later that night, they were both arrested by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police on false charges of assaulting a police officer, but really as punishment for distributing books critical of socialism. They were later charged with “distributing enemy propaganda.” Manuel Velazquez served his time (1 year) and is out, but Ubaldo Herrera is still in a labor prison, 3 years into a 7 year sentence.

That was the beginning of the odyssey that led to the foundation of the Mises-Mambí Institute, of the Cuban Libertarian Party, and of the alliance between Cuban and Venezuelan libertarian activists.

We now look back on these three years to see how events unfolded in the first three months of the world responding to these Cubans’ cry for help.

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