Cuban-American Libertarian elected to city council in Florida


MIAMI (November 14, 2018) – Libertarian candidate Martha Bueno was unanimously elected to serve on the West Kendall, Florida city council. Bueno is a realtor, an entrepreneur, and a longtime political activist. Her current office in the Libertarian Party is Vice Chair of the Miami-Dade county affiliate.

Martha’s Cuban parents are from Palma de Soriano in Santiago de Cuba province. Martha was born in Florida but raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Her father had a successful cattle business which required the family to stay in Venezuela for several months or years at a time. By the time Martha started high school in Miami, she had already spent many summers in Maracaibo.

Martha has been active in the Libertarian Party of Florida for several years and joins a growing community of Cuban-American Libertarians. For example, the Libertarian Party of Florida Chairman Marcos Miralles is the son of Cuban immigrants. So is Riquet Caballero, who was the LP candidate for State Rep in District 108. Bueno decided to run for city council after several years of watching her municipal government overstepping its reach and creating problems for citizens.

“I was at a meeting a few months ago observing,” Martha says, “and they denied a church the ability to build because of some stupid ratio rule about green space to building space. I’m not talking a huge difference, either. It’s supposed to be 16% and they wanted 18% of the building’s surface area. That’s just a church. Don’t even get me started on how they micromanage small businesses.”

As a newly elected Libertarian, Martha’s goal is to keep the municipal government out of people’s way. As long as it’s not damaging or endangering anyone else’s person or property, Councilwoman-elect Bueno doesn’t care what people build on the land they own.

Councilwoman-elect Bueno also plans to continue Libertarian Party outreach to the Latino immigrant community. The way she sees it, Latinos in the US generally understand that Republicans are largely anti-immigration, but few are aware that 29% more undocumented immigrants were deported under the Obama administration than under George W. Bush. “The Libertarian Party is the ONLY party that is pro-immigrant. We don’t care abuot your papers. We only care that you want to work, be happy, and stay out of other people’s way. Live and let live.”

The Mises-Mambi Institute of Cuba does not endorse political parties or candidates. As part of our mission, we shine a spotlight on political dissidents, libertarian ideas, and political action to apply libertarian ideas as they relate to Cuba or Venezuela.

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  1. Vicente Morin Aguado periodista independiente en La Habana de visita en Miami.
    Una organización que despierta confianza. una relación histórica, Cuba y Venezuela van por la libertad y aquí se unen.
    Deseo conocerlos.

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