Dead Body in the Hallway

Maria Oropeza and Maria Corina Machado of Vente Venezuela
María Oropeza (left) with María Corina Machado (right)

María Oropeza

In the last few days we visited the JM Casal Ramos Hospital in Acarigua, along with Congresswoman and opposition leader María Corina Machado, when a few Chavistas prevented the passage through the front doors of the emergency room, so we had to take another entrance.

In my life I’ve never seen a place as catastrophic as that hospital. Corridors without electricity, blood and human excrement on the stairs, etc., making it clear that the place hadn’t been cleaned for a long time–we’re talking about a hospital that receives patients not just from Acarigua and Araure, but also the surrounding areas like Agua Blanca, San Rafael de Onoto, and other small towns, etc.

There is also no air conditioning–the relatives of the patients fan themselves with pieces of cardboard, but also the lack of supplies and food has reached the level that there aren’t enough morgues to keep up with the demand. We even found a DEAD BODY in a hallway, wrapped in a piece of a white sheet with his name scribbled on it.

We’re talking about the same hospital that a few weeks ago part of its pediatric building burned down, presumably because all the power outages and stop-starts caused a short circuit and an electrical fire.

All this is found in the stories of the deaths of children and patients, of humanitarian crisis situations, provoked by the regime and supported by the illegitimate “opposition” (the MUD). Meanwhile my fellow citizens from my home state of Portuguesa also die from withering away. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Each of the accomplices, corrupt, straw men, cronies and collaborators of the regime, must pay for every misery they’ve caused the citizens of this state and country. Nothing can be left in vain before so much suffering and misfortune.

As long as I have my life, I will continue to denounce and protest against every injustice and every crime against humanity such as these criminals commit on a daily basis.

I will not allow myself to get tired or give up.

María Oropeza is a Venezuelan civil rights lawyer, a dedicated libertarian, and the National Youth Coordinator for the classical liberal party Vente Venezuela. Read her other dispatches from the good fight.

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