In a labor prison for celebrating Fidel Castro’s death

By the Libertarian Journalism Team – Havana

Political prisoner Josiel Díaz Piloto, who’s been imprisoned for 4 years and 5 months for celebrating the death of the late dictator Fidel Castro, which took place on December 1, 2016, reported to the Cuban Libertarian Party that he is imprisoned in a Labor Camp called “La Majana” in Artemisa province.

He complained that the major from the Ministry of the Interior surnamed Calero and in front of said place, forces the 138 prisoners in that penitentiary center to do labor, in the production of charcoal, and extorts that they will not have a pass to go to their homes for family visits (5 days every 25 days) unless they deliver 700 to 1000 kilograms of charcoal, when the established average quota for the system is 500 kilograms.

He also adds that the food is bad and insufficient, only enough for 100 of the 138 people; the working conditions are in bad shape, like the camp bathrooms where it is difficult to bathe and do their digestive/sanitary needs.

Díaz Piloto alleges that the threat of revoking what few privileges exist is constant, that if they fail to comply with the work demands made of them, that they will lose “all the benefits” of the Castro prison reeducation system, and the wardens will put “refuses to work” in their inmate files.

Recently, 18 minors who are incarcerated in that confinement center, were denied the pass after having complied with their work standards of 500 kilograms for them who are still in the training phase of their work.

He reports that the guards send common prisoners against him to create problems within the camp, to lengthen his sentence and at the same time put his life at risk.

Díaz Piloto denounces that Major Calero and Lieutenant Ismael tell the prisoners “that they will do whatever they want with the politicals because the common convicts have the power they won by shooting, and only by shots will they come out of power.”

Josiel Diaz Piloto makes this denunciation to the country and the world despite being very afraid, because he took the opportunity to spend time at home to accuse the abusive regime, that the country is ahead, and that we must denounce to the rest of the country and the world all the abuses and violations the Castro regime commits against Cuban citizens.

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Image of Melena del Sur labor prison in Mayabeque province courtesy of CIH Press

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