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Maria Oropeza and Maria Corina Machado of Vente Venezuela
María Oropeza (left) with Congresswoman María Corina Machado (right)

It’s our privilege to write to our supporters on behalf of three young Venezuelan freedom activists who need some help from the north. As you know, the Mises-Mambí Institute of Cuba is a grass roots libertarian think tank and human rights watchdog group that serves dissidents in Cuba. In symbolic defiance of the alliance between the Castro and Chavez regimes, our Institute also supports Venezuelan dissidents in their patriotic struggle.

The three activists asking for assistance are María Oropeza, Barbara Briceño, and Elias Tovar of Vente Joven, the student branch of the classical liberal party Vente Venezuela. They need help raising $1,600 by October 25 to go to ‘Universidad El Cato’, a multi-day training conference for freedom activists held this November in Quito, Ecuador.

Their admission and room and board will be provided by the Cato Institute, but they’re on their own with making travel arrangements. The $1,600 we’re trying to help them raise on their Go Fund Me will cover round trip bus tickets to Colombia and round trip plane tickets to Ecuador from Colombia. This is around $1,000 less expensive than flying them out of Caracas. (

These three activists are incredibly bright and hardworking. The one I we know best is María, a civil rights lawyer who’s the National Youth Coordinator for Vente Joven. She tirelessly travels the country building new alliances and coordinating mutual aid in civil society.

María, Elias, and Barbara

It’s been a nonstop pleasure for us at the Mises-Mambí Institute to document some of her travels and activism and translate some of her editorials into English. I believe very strongly that she and her two associates will play a major role in the future of Free Venezuela, and I believe that these three young people WILL play a major role in Venezuela’s future.

Would you kindly share their Go Fund Me campaign, and this letter, with everyone you know? If as many people as possible can chip in any amount they can, we’ll be successful in raising the $1,600 they need by October 25 in order to get the additional training, skills, and networking contacts necessary for rebuilding Venezuela.

Thank you so much for your time and your help. Let’s keep working together to advance our common goal of seeing a Free Cuba and a Free Venezuela.

In liberty,

Executive Director
Mises-Mambí Institute

P.S. You’re also invited to see for yourself some of the photos, videos, and dynamite opinions from María’s travels and work across Venezuela.

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Please contribute to their Go Fund Me and help them get that training!

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