Libertarians in Cuba honor the memory of Huber Matos

On February 27, 2020, the Cuban Libertarian Party in Havana observed the sixth anniversary of the passing of Commander Huber Matos. This was a bold and risky move by the libertarians, since the government’s narrative remember Matos as a traitor to the Cuban Revolution.

Che Guevara’s memoir on the Cuban revolutionary war subtly recognizes Matos’ logistical and military contributions to the revolutionary war, but it ultimately brands him as a traitor to the cause. The irony is that Huber Matos’ great act of treason was resigning his commission in the revolutionary army because he severely disagreed with how Castro’s new regime was cozying up to the Cuban Communist Party and the Soviet Union, and how Castro was quickly becoming a dictator similar to the one they had just overthrown.

For his act of peaceful dissent, Matos spent the next 20 years of his life in prison. In 1979 he was released and exiled from the island for life. He died in Miami in 2014 at the age of 95. Che Guevara, who remembers Matos as a traitor to the revolution, had personally promised justice and fairness to the peasants he met during the revolutionary war. After the war, he presided over hundreds of executions at Fort La Cabaña. He also founded Cuba’s State Security division of the Interior Ministry, effectively making him Cuba’s equivalent to J. Edgar Hoover. The State Security agency that Guevara founded is the very same organization that imprisoned the libertarians Ubaldo Herrera and Manuel Velazquez in 2017.

The promises of the Revolution were fairness, justice, respect for human rights, and a dignified standard of living. Compare that with what Cuba is today, a police state with kangaroo courts, crumbling infrastructure, sub-par health care, and rampant child malnutrition. You tell us: who really betrayed the Cuban Revolution?

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