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The Mises-Mambí Institute of Cuba is a grass roots organization that’s both a libertarian think tank and human rights watchdog group serving peaceful dissidents in Cuba and Venezuela. Please see these news items as soon as possible and disseminate the news!  Full permission is granted to reuse the videos and/or articles, just link back to the source.

Cuban police beat a man to death in Placetas
On the night of Thursday, August 9 in Placetas, Villa Clara, the 46-year-old dissident ALEJANDRO PUPO ECHEMENDÍA died in police custody as a result of a severe beating of sticks, batons, blows, kicks, and being thrown against the floor and walls.

Cuban Refugee who tried immigrating LEGALLY to be deported
A Cuban dissident looking for asylum in the United States is detained in a federal prison and set to be deported. His name is ALEX SOSA VIDAURRIETA, his A-number is 216540463, and he’s currently detained at the Pine Prairie Correctional Facility in Louisiana.  Sosa, an active member of the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), fled Cuba because State Security was continuously harassing him and threatening to kill him.

Cuban Woman Arrested for Dating a Foreigner
LIANET GUERRA PEÑA, 21 years old, has been detained. She has been locked in a dungeon in the Najasa police station for nearly one week near Camagüey, awaiting trial.  Lianet for a year and a half has had a romantic relationship with an Italian man; they met in Cuba; they want to get married.

Op-eds by Cuban and Venezuelan dissidents

Life Under Communism: Where Are All the Feminists???
In Cuba, neither individuals nor young girls are respected. My daughter Layla last year went to live in another province with her father’s sister, Misleidy Martínez Cabrera (her father abandoned us when she was 2 years old).  She had to leave to have a better life, in theory, since here the 13 year-old was constantly bullied and harassed at school for being the daughter of a dissident against the regime.

Venezuela: The National ID and Other Licenses Are Theft
Being pragmatic, those who don’t understand that the nature of this regime is criminal and mafia, will not understand that every exchange, monetary and material, will be controlled under the National ID, which will only benefit the mafias and capos like Maduro.

Life Under Communism: Education in Cuba
In many countries, they believe the myth that the Cuban communist government has divulged about “Good education in Cuba”, something totally false.  Most Cubans write with spelling mistakes and even speak with mistakes, because the schools keep people in ignorance. How well do all totalitarians want to keep their people ignorant so they do not think, so it is easier to enslave the individual!

English translations from Spanish sources

Cuba’s Prison Towns: POWs from the Escambray War
On the anniversary of the attack on the Moncada barracks, we wish to instead shine a light on history the Castro regime is not proud of…  The Escambray Rebellion (1960-66) was one of the most dramatic, and unknown, events in Cuban history.  It went on longer than the Revolutionary War of 1956-59.  The rebels were quietly written out of history and the whole episode today is called “The Struggle Against the Bandits.”

VIDEO: Cuba, Venezuela & Nicaragua a criminal empire

VIDEO: Mises Tuesdays: ‘Socialism’ (2 mins.)

VIDEO: Mises Tuesdays: Hyperinflation (1 min.)

THANK YOU for your attention and dedicating a moment of your time to these activists and their struggles for freedom where they live and choose to remain.

Best regards,

Zach Foster
Executive Director
Mises-Mambí Institute

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