One of our students was in the news!

Marisol Peña from Camagüey province is an activist with the Cuban Libertarian Party and has been a libertarian for several years. Because someone in her family ran afoul of the Castro regime more than fifty years ago, her family has constantly been treated like second-class citizens and even like enemies of the country.

Marisol was also a student of our Institute who took the Basic Libertarian Philosophy Course in 2018 and passed with flying colors. Earlier this month she was interviewed by the Miami-based Radio Television Martí (kind of like Pirate Radio but for “Free Cuba”). The article says (in Spanish):

The activist Marisol Peña, a member of the Cuban Libertarian Party, assures that she received death threats during a police interrogation that took place last week, in the city of Camagüey.

Peña told Radio Martí that everything is due to the criticism she makes of the Cuban regime on social networks, especially on Facebook.

“The summons was simply for the publications that we activists have made on social networks denouncing the situation of the Castro regime. Threats of fines of 3,000 pesos if we continued publishing and death threats. They threatened me with death and said that if Communism would fall, they would come house to house to kill us,” says the dissident, who explained that she was questioned by the agent in charge of the confrontation in Camagüey who identified herself as “Christian”.

Peña indicated that the fines would be imposed by the Telecommunications Enterprise of Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), the state company that has a monopoly on the Internet and telephones in Cuba.

“ETECSA comes up in another State Security interrogation”, Radio Television Martí

As you can see, the Cuban Libertarian Party was also mentioned in the news article. This is important because most of the leaders of that underground political party are also graduates of the Basic Libertarian Philosophy course. We’re incredibly glad that the resources our Institute has invested in education and activism incubation are yielding residual results in Cuba’s peaceful struggle for freedom against a dictatorial regime.

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