By independent journalist Heriberto Pons Ruiz

Affected by the recent tornado that destroyed homes, cars, power lines, etc. in several areas in Havana, people were alerted of the state of collapse of their environment and asked to leave the area.

The neighbors in danger of seeing their house collapse refuse to leave it despite the danger of remaining there. They know that in the so-called “shelters” to which they are taken, they remain for an indefinite period, up to 10 or more years, and that is why they claim to stay at home.

Already on the morning of January 5, people were taken to Coco and Rabí, Santo Suarez. On October 10, government agents went into affected neighborhoods to remove the people who kept refusing to leave. For not obeying, the thugs used force, and with blows, the residents were taken from their homes.

The population at large knows what these people are subjected to when leaving their house to live for an eternity in a shelter.

Editor’s note: Cuban exile Lennar Brull remembers, “I knew the shelter that was in Reparto Guiteras. Crime is horrible there. Honest people don’t last more than 1 month. The neighbors always alert each other because the rates of robbery near these shelters is higher than normal. I saw it with my own eyes; it’s like a prison for criminals but in “freedom”. They steal your clothes, food, shared bathrooms. It’s hard.”

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