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Kyle Varner is a doctor who works as an internal medical specialist in civilian and military hospitals around the US. He’s on the Board of Directors of Liberty International and is a longtime libertarian activist. He often collaborates with the Mises-Mambí Institute to make libertarian education and activism possible behind Latin America’s Iron Curtain.

Dr. Varner at the Colombian-Venezuelan border, 2018.

Varner made national headlines in December 2018 when other doctors tried getting him suspended from practicing medicine because of his support for gun rights in an online editorial.

Dr. Varner has spoken about medicine and human freedom at events hosted by Liberty International, Students for Liberty, and the Libertarian Movement of Colombia, and also has worked in Colombia with members of the Libertarian Movement of Venezuela and Bastiat Society Venezuela. He also vocally supports the former National Assemblywoman Maria Corina Machado and is outspoken in his hope that she’ll one day be the President of Venezuela.

Dr. Varner at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC.

In 2019, Dr. Varner made a great leap in his contributions to Venezuela. He joined an NGO called MedGlobal as a volunteer doctor. He traveled to Colombia where he treated hundreds of Venezuelan refugees as MedGlobal’s refugee clinic in Cucuta. Varner made that medical volunteer trip more than once, and he plans to do it again.

Dr. Kyle Varner describes his experiences with MedGlobal in Colombia

“One case stood out to me in particular,” Varner remembers. “A 77-year-old blind man from Caracas got sick, and couldn’t find any medical care in Caracas. He and his wife sold all of their belongings and got on a bus. They only had enough money for a one-way ticket. They had no money in their pockets and they slept on the street outside of our clinic. When I saw the man, he was in rough shape. Thankfully, I was able to treat his condition. We were also able to connect him and his wife to other humanitarian organizations that provided them with a place to stay and food to eat. “

Dr. Varner at a libertarian protest in front of the Cuban embassy in Colombia.

Varner has also traveled extensively, spoken to international audiences about the crisis in Venezuela, and even stirred up some controversy. During one of his visits to Colombia in 2019, Dr. Varner joined Venezuelan exiles and Colombian libertarians in protesting in front of the Cuban embassies, shouting “Cuba fuera de Colombia! Cuba fuera de Venezuela!” (“Cuba, out of Colombia! Cuba, out of Venezuela!”) The Cuban government officials were so outraged and shaken up that several members of their diplomatic security contingent came outside of the compound to photograph the faces of every protester.

Dr. Varner speaking at the University of Azuay.
Dr. Varner speaking at the University of Cuenca.

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