The Venezuela Crisis Open Source Intel Report

The armed conflict in Venezuela currently resembles elements of both Cuba under Castro in the 1960s, and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The Mises-Mambí Institute is both a think tank for libertarian thought and an incubator for activism through which to apply libertarian theories in Cuba. Due to the Castro/Diaz Canel regime’s heavy involvement in Venezuela, the Institute also lends assistance to Venezuelan dissidents.

The Maduro regime’s international propaganda arm has successfully planted “fake news” soundbites in the press across the world. These falsehoods include talking points calling Juan Guaidóó’s provisional presidency a “US coup”; that no one elected Guaidó, that the CIA is behind the National Assembly asserting its constitutional mandate; the sound bites continue ad infinitum.

OSINT on Venezuela is plentiful, though often ignored or unseen. Much of what appears on social media and blogs is merely RUMINT (rumor intelligence), but the HUMINT (human intelligence, i.e., people who know for sure) is gold when, English-speaking media perceptions on the Venezuela crisis are often skewed, largely because of the language barrier which has kept most of this OSINT inside the Spanish-speaking world.

This report is the Institute’s attempt to provide as much clarity on the crisis in Venezuela, as well as other developments on the international front that relate to current events in Venezuela. Most of the direct quotes included in this report have been translated from Spanish.

Read/Download the Venezuela Crisis Open Source Intel Report [PDF]

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