Venezuela: Funeral of a Murdered Politician

Colleagues and coworkers mournfully carry Fernando Albán’s casket

Fernando Albán was an attorney and the incumbent Councilman representing the Libertador district of Caracas. Albán was also a known opponent to the regime and doggedly committed to preserving the civil liberties being eroded by the regime. He arrested last week by the regime at Caracas International Airport as he was coming back from New York.

In an October 8 statement, the classical liberal party Vente Venzuela said, “The official story claims Councilman Albán committed suicide by jumping out of a window at the headquarters building of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) in Plaza Venezuela, but the truth is that no Venezuelan believes a word by the regime.” The Soy Venezuela alliance, the opposition movement that has publicly proclaimed their intent to topple the dictatorship, is calling this a homicide.

A procession of citizens follows behind the hearse. Second from the left is the libertarian María Oropeza, National Youth Coordinator for Vente Venezuela
Congresswoman María Corina Machado, leader of Vente Venezuela and Soy Venezuela, marches in the procession with ex-political prisoners. She doesn’t want to be photographed at the moment.


The hearse and procession approach the church where the service will be held.
Albán’s immediate family had to watch the funeral on a live stream from New York, where they live in exile.

The day after the councilman’s death, a group of libertarians joined an anti-regime/anti-police protest at the site of his death. The United Nations has said it will investigate Councilman Albán’s death while in the custody of Venezuela’s intelligence police. At the memorial service, Congresswoman Machado gave the eulogy. “Fernando was a brave, kind man with democratic ideals, and the regime murdered him for it. Today all Venezuelans raise their voices for Fernando and all other martyrs of freedom.”

Vente‘s National Youth Coordinator, María Oropeza, commented, “They murdered a councilman, a Venezuelan. It’s our duty to reach [the regime’s] breaking point and win our freedom as soon as possible. Enough with all these crimes and injustices. Maduro is a murderer and we must get him out NOW.”

María Oropeza (left)

Photos by María Oropeza and Luis Somaza Castellano

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