Venezuela: Living Between Socialism and Misery

Luis Fernando Ojeda
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One of the most repeated words in our Venezuela is “socialism.”  Politicians use it daily to define their system and for many, the word is synonymous with abundance, spiritual wealth, goodness, and the best overflowing human qualities.  For others, it means a sea ​​of ​​charitable aid and gifts to the population. Undoubtedly, few really know what it is.  The task that we have devoted ourselves to here and now is to define socialism, to strip down and explain and, above all things, to unmask the mass murderer beneath the surface.

Much is talked about the “errors of the model” of socialism applied by the current Venezuelan regime, or the tendency to believe the circumstances in which the Venezuelan population lives are the product of errors of an administration, that it’s “not real socialism.”  Blaming the current administration and not the glaring theoretical errors in the system only aggravates the Venezuelan problem. On the other hand, it’s common to read from the intellectuals referring to the Venezuelan case as State Capitalism or a false socialism.  Their view is far from the truth, and if we consider the definition in the fifth paragraph, we can understand that what Venezuelans are living (and dying) in today is true socialism.

Venezuela is a country that declares and lives openly under a central planning model. We can corroborate that only by paying attention to the cause of the country’s economic crisis. In the first place, the country lives under a currency exchange regime, which makes strong currencies scarce and, therefore, have greater value in the black market.  We’ll revisit the subject later. This measure, like many others, is a mechanism of control over the economy and society, which shows that the socialist system is being applied in Venezuela from the top down.

In the same order of ideas, we can corroborate that they’re not mistakes by the current rulers, but consequences of socialism being stringently applied throughout the years preceding and during the Venezuelan crisis.  After constricting the supply of usable currencies, we can see how the government’s monetary policy revolves around the issuing of un-backed fiat money, which naturally brought on the high levels of runaway inflation that exist today.  This is another measure that is present in the socialistic central planning model; it’s not a policy error by Nicolás Maduro, but a consequence of the socialist model being applied.

Piles of worthless Veneuelan cash on a computer chair
These piles of fiat BFN equal less than 40 cents USD

To see whether Venezuela lives under a socialist dictatorship, simply check its listing in the economic freedom indexes; Venezuela is last in the region in the Index of Economic Freedom and ranks 179th out of all 179 countries in the world index. If we analyze closely the definition for socialism that DRAE gives us (the Royal Academy’s Dictionary of the Spanish Language), we can verify that this model completely eliminates private property and this happens at the hands of the State, which means that the economic freedom of each individual is totally suppressed by the State.

To conclude, it’s necessary to highlight that the most nefarious and macabre aspects of socialism are hidden under its outer skin of humanity, which for some seem very good in theory.  In reality the practice is extremely harmful, since this system eliminates the fundamental rights of man and strips him not only of his property, but also of his dignity, plunging it before the almighty State. Socialism and its measures impoverish the population, dooming us to suffer daily from the evils of poverty, famine, and the terrible shortage of basic goods and services for living.  This is the economic political model that has killed more people in the history of humanity.  It’s our top priority that socialism be abandoned, rejected, and forgotten in Venezuela.

No matter how many times they repeat that “economic warfare” by foreign powers has destroyed our country, or how many times they say that capitalism is the culprit of our ills, much less how many times they wash their hands of the system with the excuse that “this is not real socialism,” we will tirelessly shout the truth.  We will repeat the truth and denounce the cause of the problem; and the cause of the Venezuelan problem is socialism.

Luis Ojeda is a Venezuelan student, a libertarian, and the state youth coordinator for Vente Venezuela in the State of Aragua.

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