Venezuela: National Assembly swears in a provisional President

Venezuela’s National Assembly swore in a Provisional President today. As of today, there are two competing governments in Venezuela: Provisional President Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court in exile; and Nicolas Maduro, the PSUV’s socialist party-state, and a new (red) Supreme Court.

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro recognizes Provisional President Juan Guaidó. The international consensus agrees with the Assemby’s application of Article 233 of the Constitution invoking the Assembly’s right to choose a President now that Maduro’s term is legally over and there’s no President-elect. With the exception of some support from the Cuba’s Castro regime, Maduro is more diplomatically isolated than ever.

The Libertarian Movement of Venezuela supports the inauguration of a Provisional President for the sole purpose of peacefully forcing Maduro to step down. Libertarian parties and movements from multiple countries have condemned the Maduro dictatorship and proclaimed support for Free Venezuela.

Last night the Libertarian Party of Nevada passed a resolution in which they do not recognize Maduro’s right to the presidency, and reaffirm their support for the Libertarian Movement. The resolution also includes a clause in which it “temporarily recognizes Alianza Soy Venezuela as the legitimate representative movement of the Venezuelan people…”

In a situation of a power struggle like the one quietly happening in Venezuela, that a state affiliate of the biggest third party in the United States is sidestepping the State Department in recognizing a foreign movement as the legitimate representatives of a people. It’s also a fascinating new application of libertarian theory, since this party is recognizing a movement rather than a government.

The co-founder of the Mises-Mambi Institute and the Cuban Libertarian Party, Nelson Roriguez Chartrand commented, “Given the Castro regime’s longtime support of the Chavez-Maduro state while Cubans go hungry, Cuban dissidents definitely want to see Maduro go.”

Curious about how Venezuela became a Marxist one-party state over the least two years? Find out here.

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The Mises-Mambi Institute of Cuba doesn’t endorse political parties or candidates. This organization is dedicated to advancing libertarian ideas as well as defending human rights.

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