Venezuelan regime militarizes the morgues to hide genocide

Hundreds of dead were reported after three days without power. Without electricity, the most fragile patients in hospitals are dying en masse.

By Mamela Fiallo

So far, only in the University Hospital of Maracaibo there are 296 reported deaths, among them 80 babies, the product of the blackout lasting more than three days. Without electricity, there is no internet or phone service, so there is no information on the total number of victims nationwide. Then, there is already talk of genocide, given that these events follow patterns of previous dictatorships that sought to hold on to power.

Since the government has a monopoly on the electrical grid, it is indicated as guilty of this crisis and its actions are to e regarded as a political strategy.

The uncertainty of the isolation has caused the morgues of the main hospitals to come under military custody. Venezuelan families have no way to communicate and already fear the worst about their missing loved ones.

The official figures announced 17 deaths linked to the lack of dialysis due to the absence of electricity supply.

However, referring to opposition leaders like Assemblywoman Maria Corina Machado, they emphatically ask: “And babies in incubators? And the patients in intensive therapy? And the people who need dialysis today? And those who need to keep their chemotherapy treatment refrigerated?”

Among the most shocking images standing out is that of a mother holding her little daughter in arms, and the child is all into skin and bones via malnutrition severe enough that the died without being able to access medical care, given that the hospitals do not have energy.

The appearance of the girl is typical of the victims of Holodomor, which in Ukrainian means “artificial hunger”. This was the process that starved 7,000,000 Ukrainians by order of Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union.

The famine in Ukraine, in fact, did not come from lack of food. On the contrary, Ukraine was rich in agricultural resources just like Venezuela today is rich with oil resources, Ukraine was the richest area in terms of grain. Then, being under a socialist regime, it had to supply food for the other nations that formed the Soviet bloc.

Those who opposed their harvest and grain being expropriated were punished. They were sent to forced labor camps in Siberia, where 1,000,000 and a half people froze or starved to death. Those who stayed were condemned to work the land without being able to eat of its fruits. If a Ukrainian ate anything of what he harvested, he was shot on the spot

Also, during the Lenin administration, in the first years that humanity saw a socialist government inspired by the ideas of Karl Marx, 5 million people died of hunger, when by order of the Bolshevik government, they were denied access to food in retaliation for the civil uprisings against the Bolshevik super-state.

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This article originally appeared in Spanish on the PanAm Post.

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