Water shortage in El Cuervo transit community

By the Havana Libertarian Journalist Team

The transit community known as “El Cuervo” located on Luz Street, between Sexta and Cuervo, in the municipality of Boyeros, Havana with a resident population of over 300 people, has had no water for more than 20 days.

According to a complaint made by the resident of the place for more than 10 years and member of our Party, Berta Martínez Herrera to our partisan President Caridad Ramírez Utria, the local government informed them that the lack of water supply to the camp was due to the breakage of the pump motor that distributes the precious liquid in the hydraulic network of that area.

He adds that the official who gave that answer to the residents of the community, is the Vice President of Constructions called Middea, who said that the aforementioned engine was sent to the province of Camagüey to roll up again because it had “burned” the electric winding previous.

As a temporary measure sent several days ago, two tankers, known popularly as “water pipes” and according to the neighbors, these trucks came to half of their capacities with water to distribute to them and had strong suspicions that the rest of the water was sold by the drivers of these trucks to other people in another place.

This situation generated a scramble between neighbors for the lack of water to cover all their needs for personal hygiene and cooking food.

Martínez Herrera states that there are around 60 children in the community, whose ages range from 2 months to 18 years of age, and doubts much about the quality of the water to cook food for these and the rest of the adults. .

He also complains that the residents of the place have to walk more than 400 meters to reach a place known as “la panera”, surrounded by sewage water and a clandestine garbage dump without epidemiological control of the Cuban health system.

In contrast to this situation, there is a Rest and Recreation House known as “Casa de los Abogados”, where there is a swimming pool, a restaurant, several heated cabins, a small recreational park for lawyers and families of the Cuban regime. They come to the capital of the country to reinforce the Castro judicial system in Havana.

No member of the El Cuervo community can enter the place. Recently villagers went to ask for water from a security official who was guarding the place, and she denied them and complaining that she “had water in her house and that was not her problem”.

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