Women’s rights disappeared in Venezuela

By María Oropeza

Carmen Zuleta clearly represents how the Left has never defended women, it’s only used them for their apologias of socialism.

This woman who defines herself as a Magistrate (of the usurper Maduro’s illegitimate court) and also as an ‘advocate for the rights of women and children’ literally called Venezuelan women “whores.”

According to her, it’s a fallacy that women must turn to prostitution to survive in this country.

It’s worth saying from the situation our country is going through, paired with data, facts, reports and testimonies, are more than enough to demonstrate the whole crisis that Venezuelans are suffering under.

Venezuela is a matriarchal country today, meaning most of the families have single mothers, widows, divorcees, etc as heads of household; I would dare to say that 7 out of 10 families are wholly supported by Venezuelan women and mothers.

This means that most of the people who must wait in long lines to buy basic products are women, and an example of this was when, in 2016, if I remember correctly, it was the Venezuelan women and mothers who forcibly opened the borders in Ureña (Táchira State and Colombia), to be able to buy food for their children.

It also means that the majority that has been affected by lack of personal hygiene products have been women; for example, sanitary napkins, which at one time were scarce, and then increased at a price that made women choose between eating or taking care of their period (this is nothing new, and many have suffered).

It’s also the Venezuelan mothers who have double delivery in hospitals; one to give birth to her baby, and the other, to go out and try to buy what’s necessary, because in hospitals there isn’t even a piece of cotton, and some women have had to give birth on the floor for lack of a stretcher.

Anyway, I don’t mean to say that women are the only ones affected here — absolutely not — here they suffer and all others suffer; but so grave are their economic needs that many have had to choose to exchange sex for soap powder or a small bag of rice.

I don’t think that someone who does this to survive, and not for pleasure, should be considered a “whore”. Now, I do believe that those who sell their conscience and dignity for a government job or a position that legitimizes the regime are whores, unworthy and despicable, as is Mrs. Carmen Zuleta.

Evidently she does not represent one bit the typical Venezuelan woman who is hard-working, courageous, dignified and ethical. This lady is the clear sign that the Ministries for Women, the Prosecutor for Women, Departments for Women, the group Madres del Barrio, “women of high position” in the usurper’s regime, are only marionettes of socialism.

The Left doesn’t defend women. It uses them, humiliates them, and treats them like whores.

María Oropeza is a Venezuelan human rights lawyer, a dedicated libertarian, and the National Youth Coordinator for the classical liberal party Vente Venezuela.

This editorial was translated to English by the Mises-Mambí Institute of Cuba for the benefit of our readers. The opinions therein are those of the author and may not reflect the views of other persons affiliated with this Institute.

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